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The lawn and landscaping professionals that you have come to know as

SnipperZ Lawn Care are the owner/ operators of Hawai’i Curb Appeal!

We saw a problem and decided to offer a solution to better serve our customers.

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Provided by Hawai’i Curb Appeal! SnipperZ is still fully operational and we are looking forward to adding this service to our already existing lawn and landscaping clients as well as new clients looking to upgrade their Curb Appeal.

Why Concrete Curbing is a solution to a problem:

Having worked in the Hawai’i lawn and landscaping field over the last several years, we have identified a common problem.

What’s the problem?

The edging options that are available on island aren’t working! We were seeing so many issues with weeds and all of the sideways growing grass such as centipedede grass encroaching into landscaping beds, crawling right over existing plastic or metal bed edging. Not to mention the plastic bed edging rots, gets broken by weed eaters and mowers, and the metal edgings rusts and shifts needing constant maintenance and is just not very esthetically pleasing.

Another issue with the plastic and metal edging is that it doesn’t keep the landscaping rocks or cinder INSIDE the beds as it should, causing a lot of issues, one being the potential for a broken window to happen with mowers or weed eaters.

So we decided to offer a solution and that’s where Hawai’i Curb Appeal was born. 

Our custom, concrete curb is very durable. The concrete mix has multiple components that make it an extremely strong product that can stand the test of time including plasticizers & fibers. So you’ll never have to think about replacing your landscape edging again!

Our Testimonials

“This company does quality work they are professional and have quality curbing. They did an outstanding job on my businesses yard and now are going to do my house! Highly recommend them!!!”

Da Shave Ice Shack

“Hawai’i Curb Appeal is an awesome company! I haven’t seen anything like it on the island of Hawaii. They love their work and I do a great job. James is a perfectionist so you can guarantee the work will be a high standard. Ours certainly is!”

Nick T.

“James and his team are stand up professionals. Timely, organized, fair in pricing, and very detailed and caring when it comes to the work. Jenna (in the office) is as cordial and responsive as they come. I was very impressed with the outcome they achieved on my property.”

Alex S.



Our Services



Landscape Concrete Curbing

Landscape concrete curbing offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing border that elevates the visual appeal of any garden or yard.

Landscape Concrete Edging

Landscape concrete edging adds a neat, long-lasting touch to gardens, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

Custom Edging & Curbing

Custom edging and curbing provide a unique, tailored look to landscapes, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Concrete Rain Drains

Concrete rain drains efficiently manage water flow, preventing erosion and water damage in landscaping and built environments.

Concrete Tree Rings

Concrete tree rings offer a practical and stylish solution to protect tree roots while enhancing the landscape's overall appearance.

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