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“This company does quality work they are professional and have quality curbing. They did an outstanding job on my businesses yard and now are going to do my house! Highly recommend them!!!”

Da Shave Ice Shack

“Hawai’i Curb Appeal is an awesome company! I haven’t seen anything like it on the island of Hawaii. They love their work and I do a great job. James is a perfectionist so you can guarantee the work will be a high standard. Ours certainly is!”

Nick T.

“James and his team are stand up professionals. Timely, organized, fair in pricing, and very detailed and caring when it comes to the work. Jenna (in the office) is as cordial and responsive as they come. I was very impressed with the outcome they achieved on my property.”

Alex S.


Landscape Concrete Curbing in Kukio, HI

We at Hawai’i Curb Appeal take great pride in our role as leaders in enhancing the beautiful island through our top-notch landscape concrete curbing services. We specialize in the art of transforming ordinary yards into extraordinary landscapes, and we are dedicated to bringing a touch of elegance and functionality to every project we undertake.

Our concrete curbing service goes beyond creating boundaries; it’s a true art form that seamlessly blends with the lush Hawaiian environment. Each curbing design is carefully crafted to complement the unique aesthetics of your property, ensuring that it not only enhances the beauty but also adds value to your home. Whether you’re seeking a simple, clean line to define your flower beds or a more elaborate, decorative pattern that makes a statement, we at Hawai’i Curb Appeal have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Concrete’s durability ensures that our curbs can withstand the test of time and the diverse Hawaiian weather conditions, maintaining their beauty with minimal maintenance. This resilience makes our curbing solutions both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. In Kukio, HI where our harmony with nature is of utmost importance, our concrete curbing is the ideal choice for those who wish to make a lasting impact on their landscape without compromising the natural beauty of their surroundings.

We invite you to choose Hawai’i Curb Appeal for your landscape concrete curbing needs in Kukio, HI and experience the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal that will transform your outdoor space into a paradise.

Enhances Property Value

Customizable Shapes and Styles

Frequently Asked Questions

Hawai’i Curb Appeal is here to assist with any questions you may have, ensuring a smooth and informed experience for all our valued clients.

What are the benefits of professional landscape concrete curbing over traditional edging methods?

Professional landscape concrete curbing offers several advantages. It’s more durable than plastic or metal edging, resisting rust, rot, and shifting. Concrete curbing also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape with a variety of customizable designs and colors. Additionally, it serves as an effective barrier against grass and weed overgrowth, reducing maintenance efforts.

How long does the installation process for landscape concrete curbing take?

The installation time for landscape concrete curbing can vary depending on the project size and complexity. However, an average residential project can often be completed in 1-2 days. Our team ensures a quick and efficient installation process with minimal disruption to your daily activities, providing you with a swift transformation of your landscape.

Is landscape concrete curbing a cost-effective solution for my property?

Yes, landscape concrete curbing is a cost-effective solution in the long run. While the initial investment may be higher than some traditional edging options, concrete curbing offers superior durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs. It also adds value to your property by enhancing its overall curb appeal and can contribute to savings in landscape maintenance costs.

The Only Landscape Concrete Curbing Company On The Island!


We provide top-notch services using the latest equipment and products.


We are reputable and trustworthy, providing quality services.


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We have extensive experience providing curbing and edging services.


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Landscape Concrete Curbing

Landscape concrete curbing offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing border that elevates the visual appeal of any garden or yard.

Landscape Concrete Edging

Landscape concrete edging adds a neat, long-lasting touch to gardens, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

Custom Edging & Curbing

Custom edging and curbing provide a unique, tailored look to landscapes, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Concrete Rain Drains

Concrete rain drains efficiently manage water flow, preventing erosion and water damage in landscaping and built environments.

Concrete Tree Rings

Concrete tree rings offer a practical and stylish solution to protect tree roots while enhancing the landscape's overall appearance.

Our Expert Curb Styles

Tangier Slate


Marakesh Marble

Random Marble

Lava Curb

Professional Landscape Concrete Curbing Services

We are currently the only company on the Island with this service that provides custom stamped & colored concrete landscape bed edging that is laid with a machine, offering fast and efficient results. With this product, you will not have to worry about plastic or metal edging that is constantly breaking, rusting and needing adjustments. This edging will last for many years and is basically maintenance free! Give us a call today, and one of our estimators will come out to give you a free custom landscape edging estimate.


Increase Aesthetic Appeal

Low Maintenance

Longevity and Durability

Design Flexibility

Increased Functionality

Benefits Of Our Landscape Concrete Curbing

More Bang For Your Buck

Our landscape concrete curbing will efficiently keep your landscape bedding in and weeds out. Plus, it’s more durable and affordable than other edging options!

Raise Property Value

Concrete curbing in landscaping boosts property value by enhancing aesthetic appeal, durability, and low maintenance needs saving property owners money in the long run.

Increase Life Expectancy

Landscape concrete curbing lasts longer as it doesn’t rust, rot, or shift like traditional plastic or metal edging. This product is virtually maintenance free!

Increase Curb Appeal

Landscape concrete curbing increases curb appeal by providing a clean, uniform, and visually appealing border that enhances the overall look of a property’s landscaping.


Landscape Concrete Curbing Near Me

This innovative solution not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of landscapes but also serves a functional purpose, neatly defining garden beds, walkways, and lawns.

Opting for landscape concrete curbing means choosing durability and style. Unlike traditional edging materials that might shift, rot, or rust, concrete curbing stands the test of time and weather, maintaining its pristine look for years. Its versatility is unmatched, available in various colors, patterns, and designs to suit any landscape theme or personal preference. Whether it’s a sleek, modern look or a more classic, textured finish, there’s a concrete curbing style to match every landscape vision.

Moreover, the installation of concrete curbing is a relatively quick and non-invasive process, causing minimal disruption to your daily routine. It’s a low-maintenance option, freeing up time and resources for other gardening or landscaping activities. Once installed, it acts as a barrier to grass and weed overgrowth, reducing the time spent on lawn maintenance.

For those seeking landscape concrete curbing services, the key is to find skilled professionals who can deliver quality workmanship and design expertise. Local landscaping companies specializing in concrete curbing can provide personalized solutions, ensuring that your outdoor space not only looks great but also functions efficiently. With its blend of beauty, durability, and practicality, landscape concrete curbing is a valuable addition to any property, enhancing curb appeal and potentially increasing property value.

Effective Soil Retention

Reduces Lawn Maintenance Time

Expert Landscape Concrete Curbing Company

At Hawai’i Curb Appeal, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of landscape concrete curbing. Nestled in the heart of paradise, our expert team has carved a niche for itself by transforming ordinary landscapes into breathtaking outdoor masterpieces. Our specialty lies in offering durable, stylish, and custom-designed concrete curbing solutions that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail. We understand that each property is unique and deserves a personalized touch. Whether it’s crafting elegant, flowing curbs for a residential garden or installing sturdy, functional edging for commercial properties, our team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project. Our curbing options come in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, ensuring that every client’s vision is brought to life with precision and artistry.

Beyond aesthetics, we prioritize durability and low maintenance. Our concrete curbing withstands the challenging Hawaiian climate, retaining its color and structure over the years. This long-lasting appeal makes it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for conscious homeowners and businesses.

Clients seeking an expert landscape concrete curbing company need look no further than Hawai’i Curb Appeal. With our unrivaled expertise, customer-centric approach, and commitment to excellence, we stand as a leader in enhancing Hawaii’s natural beauty, one curb at a time.

Low Maintenance Costs

Weather Resistant

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